Fire Engineering

Fire Engineering

Fire prevention is a duty and a primary need that all company must take into account on their business development. ARC INGEGNERIA can follow all fire prevention aspects, indentifying the best technical and design solutions, adapting them to the specific company requirements.

An efficient fire prevention policy is not just a duty required by law, but it is an essential necessity for a safe and stable business continuity. Fire is a “sly” risk: the probability of a fire accident is quite low if compared to other possible accidents, but when it happens it becomes potentially destroyer, generating damages that are often irreversible for the persons first of all, but also for the buildings.

Starting with an efficient plan during the design of a new building is surely the best way, nevertheless also existing buildings can be improved and optimized, in order to obtain all the qualifications in term of safety against fire; all this without meddling with the company jobs and activities.

ARC INGEGNERIA could become your partner to assist you and your company to carry out allĀ  the periodical dossiers required by law and local authority.

What ARC INGEGNERIA can do for your company includes:

  • Design of fire-prevention methods and plants for every needs and companies work area: heat and smoke control systems, fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers, hydrants and sprinkler, foam systems, etc. All this both for companies with ordinary activities and for companies with high fire risk or involved in critical workplace or situations (explosion risk, extreme temperature/humidity, high heights, continuous loop manufacturing system, building with high historical importance)
  • Quantity survey, technical evaluations of bids, in-site inspections and testing, works supervision.
  • Theoretical and practice training for fire prevention clerks with the supply of all multimedia materials, fire extinguishers and fire simulator. Issuing of certificates of conformity after tests or exams.
  • Organization of periodical evacuation tests.
  • Technical valuation and survey for fire prevention plant efficiency with assistance on juridical practices.
  • Management of all bureaucratic practices with fire brigade and authority.
Fire Engineering