Mission and Vision

ARC INGEGNERIA is an engineering enterprise that operates on the fields of civil, mechanical and industrial engineering and it is leaded by specialists with decades-long experience.

The company is active on the buildings and relevant services design, on the energy field, on the fire prevention and health, safety & environmental sector. To complete the business offer, the society has proposed a team specialized on structural analysis and on the mechanical and robotics design for the development of machineries and automatic systems.

The proposed technical activities are addressed to public or private companies that work on several business area. Considering either residential or recreational fields, either commercial or tertiary sector and either industrial or artisan activities, ARC INGEGNERIA could become the ideal partner for every engineering needs.

ARC INGEGNERIA, making use of multidisciplinary groups composed by engineers, architects, technicians that work with synergistic spirit, is able to conduct complex jobs, minimizing and complying with the time and costs for works designing and construction.

ARC INGEGNERIA works with a certified quality system in accordance with ISO 9001:2008. Every job, from the design to all assistance activities, as site managements, survey, testing, is managed with a stable and multi-checked quality structure.

Nowadays, ARC INGEGNERIA has based its core business in the design and consultancy of:

  • HVAC systems
  • Electrical plants and electronic systems
  • Fire engineering
  • Building industry and architecture
  • Mechanical engineering and robotics for industry
  • Health and safety in workplaces

From the beginning, big attention has been turned to the environmental matters, believing on the exploitation of alternative energy and promoting in this way the developing of sustainable energy technologies and of environmentally-friendly buildings.

The services offer is completed with a large range of technical courses for the professional training of personnel, HSE managers and staff involved on safety matters, special equipments and machinery operators.