Building Services

Building Services

The ARC INGEGNERIA building services department develops the preliminary, base and detailed engineering of buildings’ plants (heating & conditioning, electrical, specials, etc.) complete with all the control and data management systems, adapting the design to the specific needs of the Client.
The conceiving and design start from the definition of the general requirements and the final use of the building. In the first steps all the systems present in a modern building are studied with the aim to integrate them and to minimize the impact to the structure.

The engineering phases are coordinated by experts on technological systems, leading a team composed by groups of technicians devoted to the design of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC), electrical system and special plants (phone and video, data, closed circuit tv control, access control,…), traditional and wireless LAN, industrial gas distribution systems, hydraulics and treatment plants, waste water and sanitary systems.
Our clients are private citizens, contractors, private and public companies involved on projects for industrial, commercial, civil and tertiary sectors.

The developing of the design and construction phases is carried out with a continuous collaboration with the customers and with a constant integration with all the other professional figures or firms involved in the project. The long experience of our engineers insures an efficient activities supervision and technical assistance on field, with the purpose to annul loss of time and to respect the schedules and the cost estimations.

In detail, our principal activities include:

  • Feasibility studies; economical and technical planning; evaluation and choice of plant systems, with the purpose of integrate all the facility
  • Sustainable and cost-saving MEP design
  • Building integration
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC)
  • Air treatment plants and air handling unit design. Hydronic systems and chillers
  • Waste water and sanitary systems
  • Gas and Fuel distribution systems (gpl, oil, medical gas)
  • Electrical plants and Lighting technologies
  • Data networks (LAN, access control, closed circuit systems, …)

ARC INGEGNERIA studies and plans environmental-friendly and sustainable solutions, with deep care to exploitation of renewable energy and alternative sources. After detailed technical and economical analysis, ARC INGEGNERIA can propose systems adapt to customers’ needs, adopting solutions like:

  • Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic systems
  • Engineering of cogenetation and trigeneration systems
  • Engineering of biogas plants
  • Engineering of biomass powered heating stations
Building Services