Health, Safety & Environment

Health and Safety regulations on workplace are not just rights and duties for workers. HSE is necessary and convenient to all companies, to managers and directors that are charged of heavy responsibility regarding these matters.

ARC INGEGNERIA is able to offer to companies of every dimension and sector all required helps, towards global services and advices, guaranteed by professional men fully dedicated to HSE activities.

We are conscious of all the difficulties and conflicts that often happen on field due to the application of all restrictions required to warrant the health and safety of workers and the respect for the environment. We will study all your needs, trying to understand all your point of view and to find the best solutions for your specific jobs, in order to conciliate safety and works.

Everyone should never forget that HSE’s job is to prevent people being killed, injured or made ill by work, avoiding as far as possible every kind of danger or risk.

Our activities include:

  • Initial screening for preliminary risks assessment, audit and check-list
  • Technical and operative assistance for risks management, according to Italian D.Lgs. 81/08 or other national decrees or institute ordinances
  • Role of external H&S Manager (Health and Safety manager) or collaboration with company H&S manager, to accomplish to all tasks required by law
  • Risks assessment involving workplaces, machineries, tools and equipments, industrial processes, dangerous substances…
  • Survey and instrumental measuring and subsequent calculations and evaluations of specific risks,  regarding for instance: vibrations, noise, magnet fields, artificial optical radiations, asbestos presence, stress… evaluation of risks for safety and health for workers involved in jobs with handling of freights, repeated long-time bodily movements, forklift driving and other lifting equipments use and more in general all matters about ergonomics on workplaces, included work with computer.
  • Environmental and on filed acoustics survey towards phonometric equipments
  • Preparation of all technical documentations, safety plans, plans of evacuation / escape routes
  • Professional training course and technical information meeting and symposium for persons and business men involved or with responsibility on HSE activities
  • Management, training and execution of periodic evacuation tests
  • Management, cooperation and coordination of yards with subcontractors companies
  • Management of bill books and newsletter services for set of rules updating
  • Assistance and advice on industrial medicine matters
  • Assistance on relationships and bureaucracy duties with local autorithies