Plants design for ‘Complesso Binario’

  • Year
  • Type
    Fire engineering and hydraulic plant design.
  • Location
  • Client
    BINARIO S.p.a.

The Binario area is located in the middle of the Padua Industrial Area (named ZIP) and is a made by complex of logistic buildings of 70.000 sqm covered, built in an overall area of 100.000 sqm. The site includes 30.000 sqm of parking and manoeuvring area and 16.000 sqm of roof parking lot.

ARC INGEGNERIA has been involved in:

  • engineering and management of all bureaucratic practices with fire brigade and authority 
  • design of pressurisation and supply systems for the hydraulic circuit of the fire fighting plant
  • design of smoke and heat exhaust natural ventilators
  • preliminary and detail engineering of hydraulic plants of the plumbing system and for waste and meteoric water management (stormwater detention and retention water tanks, etc.)